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Welcome Boys and Girls! We're here to bring you the coolest, funniest and sweetest msn names on the planet! You will not need to think of another nickname again! Just use ours!

You can use in 2 ways. Either, browse our names via the categories on the right... OR, if you're feeling creative, click here to add names to the site!

featured names

BoysIf love makes the world go round why is the world still spin...
ComebackThere are no stupid questions, just stupid people
BoysGils are pretty, girls are smart. boys are smarter and got a...
Love*why*give*you*heart*to*a*boy*?..*just*like*a* toy*..*they'l...
Love< i love you to pieces > & nothing will ever change that.
HateBabby i hate u so much if u come bakk dont even bother cuz i...
SadItís easy to cry when you realize that everyone you love wil...
EmoYour always fallin in disguise,now i will never know if i re...
SadMy strength is hatred, torment, and pain!

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It appears some of you are getting confused as to how to set your MSN Name! - Never fear, just follow the instructions below!

1.Copy a name from our site (highlight, CTRL+C)
2.Load MSN Messenger (duh!)
3.Go to Tools (top nav) then Options!
4.Look for, "My Display Name"
5.Paste, (CTRL+V) your nickname into the box!
6.Press OK and you're done!

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