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Welcome Boys and Girls! We're here to bring you the coolest, funniest and sweetest msn names on the planet! You will not need to think of another nickname again! Just use ours!

You can use in 2 ways. Either, browse our names via the categories on the right... OR, if you're feeling creative, click here to add names to the site!

featured names

BitchyAn apple a day keeps the doctor away but if hes cute screw t...
CrazyTime is like a stretched elastic band, if u let it go, it wi...
friendsDogs 4 life
EmoYou laugh because im different, i pity you because your all ...
Love(l) baby ur the only one i want (k)
GirlsFrendz r 4 eva boyz r wateva
GuyzI am a bicth and i know it if it wasnt for guyz i wouldnt sh...
FunnyWhen god amde woman they had 3 boobs then he said what do i ...

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It appears some of you are getting confused as to how to set your MSN Name! - Never fear, just follow the instructions below!

1.Copy a name from our site (highlight, CTRL+C)
2.Load MSN Messenger (duh!)
3.Go to Tools (top nav) then Options!
4.Look for, "My Display Name"
5.Paste, (CTRL+V) your nickname into the box!
6.Press OK and you're done!

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