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Welcome Boys and Girls! We're here to bring you the coolest, funniest and sweetest msn names on the planet! You will not need to think of another nickname again! Just use ours!

You can use in 2 ways. Either, browse our names via the categories on the right... OR, if you're feeling creative, click here to add names to the site!

featured names

ASCIILove ur enimes , it pisses them off
FunnyI may b blonde, but i'm not stupid!!!!
CuteBest friends tell each other everything(})
BitchyWhat lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters...
LoveI feel you in my sleep and i can't dream!
Girls*~*~*ur only bad if ur caught, tht makes me gd rite?? *~*~*
QuotesI've sometimes thought of marrying, and then i've thought ag...
BitchyHating me wnt make u any prettier !
BitchyIf you throw rice at weddings, will asian people throw hotdo...

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It appears some of you are getting confused as to how to set your MSN Name! - Never fear, just follow the instructions below!

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2.Load MSN Messenger (duh!)
3.Go to Tools (top nav) then Options!
4.Look for, "My Display Name"
5.Paste, (CTRL+V) your nickname into the box!
6.Press OK and you're done!

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